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  • Cover Pages

    Cover pages will launch a full drag and drop system for Landing pages on your Haiku sites. You will have the ability to create your own page templates by selecting columns and rows to display content within, these columns can be resized as appropriate for the view that you want to present. A selection of content type tiles have also been developed making it easy to place them within the page template. When it comes to adding content into these different tiles, we have developed a full drag and drop content system which allows you to search content items from any area of the site and simply pull it across into the tile that you would like it to display in. Full details will be provided soon.


  • Update time display settings to reflect correct time based on a users timezone
    It is critical that the jobs feed shows the correct information, so that applicants are not accidentally mislead. We have updated the jobs feed to display the time correctly, in the users timezone, which is clearly stated in the date/time stamp.