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  • The release of flash notifications for Site Administrators


  • Add single image popup
  • Add 'image-modal' styles
  • Update 'frontwerk' to 2.1.0
  • Rename 'Default' tab to 'Content' on all content types on their edit form
  • Add 'Key publications' instant search when adding them to a profile, portlet or page
  • Fix for login URLs. Now when you log in to a website you will be taken to the page you were on when you clicked the 'Log in' button, rather than being offered to visit the homepage
  • Make the images from featured, banner and carousel references to images from the images library
  • Fix for content emptying featured tiles when dragging an image over them
  • Allow any item with listing image on the carousel
  • Add migration for broken profile connections
  • Remove inline cursor style for image-modal
  • Fix searching for internal groups when syncing remote profile
  • Update internal links in rich text on remote items
  • Remove telephone extension from team listing view
  • Extend available profile information for listings
  • Override TinyMCE config to allow any attributes for iframe
  • Remove obsolete 'synced' state from the turnkey_content workflow and publish content in the removed states in advance
  • Don't show current event in the "Upcoming courses" or "Upcoming events" portlet
  • Add markup for manually uploaded publications