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Some users have requested the ability to work with content in slightly different ways. Users have suggested that they would like the ability to use version control for content within their website. This functionality will allow users to check out a version of the live content, make changes to it (including saving the changes to come back to or publish at a later date) and then replace the live version with the updated content.


As an editor, I want to have the ability to make changes to live content without them appearing immediately so that I can get the changes I have made to the content reviewed by another person first without publishing the content.

As an editor, I want to be able to ‘check out’ or version the content that I have on my website so that I can maintain a live page whilst making amendments to it.

As an editor, I want to be able to use check in/check out functionality on all possible content types so that I can be confident when editing items that I can get them reviewed before they go live.

As an editor, I want the original item to be locked if another editor is currently working on a new version of the content so that the content is not in danger of being changed by different people at the same time.

As an editor, I want to be able to leave comments about the changes I have made to the content so that all other editors can also see why I made the changes that I did.