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  • Currently, if you define that you want a web page within a section to use a '3 columns view', you will see that the left column gets narrower to accommodate the portlets on the right side of the page. However, when you do this, you are unable to made the default landing page of the section have a 3 column layout as well, due to the way that the landing page is managed. We propose that with this improvement, we will change the way that this is managed, so that editors will be able to define that all pages, including the landing page of a section, will be able to use the 3 column view. In turn, this will provide a better experience for users, it will mean that switching between pages in the section will not be jarring with the left column changing widths.


  • Add 'Image ratios' field selector for latest news tile
  • Implement site-wide search configuration panel
  • Add option to hide research group page title


  • Fixed the sort order of the sitemap to ensure that it replicates the site structure
  • Fix 'Load more' action on search results pages
  • Fix for iCal exporting
  • Refactor image listings
  • Refactor files listing
  • Fix for image display on news listing
  • Fix for images on news and events listing portlets
  • Fix for RSS feeds on news and events content types
  • Update search result views
  • Improve search support for FAQ items
  • Exclude taxonomy types from search
  • Use the listing image as Twitter Cards image
  • Reinstate social icons tile
  • Remove the 'Source URL' option from the image content type
  • Limit manage features form access to the site administrator role
  • Make image file mandatory on image content type
  • Hide compose and layout actions for research groups when subscribed or remotely published
  • Prepare to move search code to haiku.core