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General release which includes some enhancements for the dashboard, tidying up of some of the edit interfaces and site set up, and a few bug fixes.


  • Previously if there was a space in someones name, for example, Shi Yu Chan, the name in the users profile would display the first word on the top line, and any subsequent words on the line below. We have updated the profiles so that spaces are accepted in the top line also.

  • In the template settings for the research landing page sections, we have added some additional icons to make it easier for you to add columns and rows, and to reorder the rows.

  • Now that the Taxonomy section of the sites is fully up and running, we have removed the 'Categories' option from the site setup.

  • The profile pictures which display in the search results were previously displaying slightly pixelated. This was due to the scaling of the images. We have now increased this scale so the pictures are crystal clear.

  • A field has been added to the image section of the study edit interface so that you can add a Copyright description to your images. The description will display in the bottom right hand side of the image

  • On your Haiku dashboard, you can now see if there are any problems with the remote profiles that you are calling on from another Haiku website. The dashboard will list items for you that were not updated in the last 24 hours. If you see profiles that have not been updated, this is probably due to a change in the host profile. You should check that it has not been deleted or deleted and re-added, as this would break the initial connection and the remote profile will therefore need to be re-added.


  • MAC OS9 CSV upload error
  • RSS Parser compatibility issues