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The 'Our Team' portelt previously only allowed you to define the profiles that show in it, and the title. The portlet would then automatically resize to the amount of content on the page. We have added a new field to allow editors to control this. LINK TO DOCUMENTATION:


We need to add a new field to Haiku on the 'Our team' portlet, that allows editors to be able to control the number of profiles that display at any one time.


AS AN EDITOR I want to be able to define how many profiles show in the 'Our team' portlet SO THAT I can make sure that all the team members show immediately, and that the user does not have to scroll through them.

AS AN EDITOR I want to have the ability to set the portlet to show a defined number of profiles, all the profiles that are assigned to it, or be flexible and adjust to show a proportionate amount of profiles related to the amount of content on the page, SO THAT I have multiple options for using this portlet.

LINK TO DOCUMENTATION:[…]/Our+Team+portlet