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Currently, when a search is carried out using the the search functionality built into a Haiku website the search only looks through the website that the user is currently visiting. Although this is normal for a website, in turn it can be quite limiting when there are multiple websites that contain a variety of content that may also be of interest to the user carrying out the search. With this is mind, we propose to update the search functionality within Haiku to allow users to search across more content than just that of the website that they are visiting. We propose to develop this functionality in a flexible way, that will allow site administrators to define which websites users are able to search in addition to their own. One use case may be that this is useful for departmental websites to allow the search on their site to be used to search research unit/group sites that are related to them. Another use case for this functionality is that it will help the divisional website to drive more traffic to the departmental websites that are also on Haiku. Please note that the final designs for this functionality are subject to change as we define the functionality for multi site searching further.


AS A USER I want to be able to search across multiple Haiku sites at one time SO THAT I am able to find out if there is any other content related to my search across the other Haiku sites.

AS AN ADMIN I want users to be able to search across more Haiku sites than just the one that I own SO THAT users are able to find if there is content relevant to their search on other Haiku sites.

AS AN ADMIN I want to be able to define which other Haiku sites can be searched when using the search on my site SO THAT I can control which other Haiku sites a user will see search results for.

AS A USER I want to be able to define whether I am searching across multiple Haiku websites, or whether I am only searching the site that I am currently visiting SO THAT I can control which sites I am seeing search results for in a clear way.

AS A USER I want to be able to search all of the Haiku sites that are within a certain division SO THAT I can see if there is any other relevant content to my search, across all of the Haiku sites within the division that I am searching.


What are you trying to do that our product is not able to support?

Currently the search box on a website is restricted to that website only. We would like the option to select a search over a broader selection of sites (e.g. to search the sub-unit websites of a department) or to search across all Divisional sites.

What is the reason that you need to be able to do this?

It is important for the user to be able to discover information across a department and division, sometimes this information is scattered across a number of web presences.

What is the impact of you not being able to do this?

Our coherence for the user is diminished and some information remains hidden.