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  • Fixing the remote profile content synchronistation
    We have fixed a bug that was causing the remote content synchronisation to fail. The synchronisation was failing when it met two incoming items with the same URL. For example, two profiles from different websites with a person in the team section with the same name.
  • Update target path for 'More Information' button on publications modal
    Previously when clicking the 'More information' button on a publication modal used to open the link in the same tab. We have now set this to open in a new tab in the users browser.
  • How to apply section not appearing on 'Volunteer' content type
    There was a bug that was causing the 'How to apply' section on the 'Volunteer' content type to not be displayed. We have fixed this.
  • Default image for profiles not displaying correctly.
    The default image for profiles that have not had an image uploaded to them, was displaying incorrectly, in certain versions of certain browsers, for logged in users, due to a permissions error. We have fixed this.
  • Update 'Email' address field text size on profile contact tile
    We have slightly increased the size of the email address to make it inline with the rest of the other fields.