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  • Multiple Videos Supported

    The ability should be given to a user to add more than one video to any rich text area, whilst maintaining the ability for giving each of the individual videos a title and a caption.

  • Documents and Attachments used to display as 2 separate tabs in the search results, we have changed this so that they both display under 'documents'. When restricted documents appear in search results for someone with incorrect privileges it had a padlock and the word 'hidden', now only the padlock appears. Finally, for those sites who are trialling the new cover pages functionality, the search results listed under a tab called cover pages. These results now display in pages.

  • The ability to add a selected publications portlet to any content type has now been developed. The portlet will respect the page template and only display in the correct location.

  • Previously, you could only create anchors linked to any sub title that was using the H1 heading. We have developed the ability for you to use the H2 tag for the anchors as well. The anchors work in the same way as before.


  • Some stub profiles were clickable, this has been corrected