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Develop a way to manage and keep track of uploaded files within Haiku. Allow editors the ability to manage all the files in a central repository and allow uploading to this from anywhere. This is to improve the usability when referencing files etc. across the site.


AS AN EDITOR I want to have a better way of managing files within a Haiku site SO THAT it is easier to manage and find the files for use across the site.

AS AN ADMIN I want to have a centralised repository of files on my Haiku site, that is smart SO THAT I can upload to it from anywhere, and also manage the files in it easily.


What are you trying to do that our product is not able to support?

Manage and keep track of uploaded files within Haiku, added to page editor so that a link to any file can be added/uploaded from any place on the site without having to leave the editor page.

What is the reason that you need to be able to do this?

The current system embeds a file within a specific page/section, as far as I can tell, therefore finding a file requires either a) trawling through contents, or b) knowing where that file is. A dedicated attachment manager would help resolve this.

What is the impact of you not being able to do this?

The system is non-intuitive/difficult to manage. Have to use workarounds to embed a single file in different places, for example only uploading attachments to a specific page in an 'intranet' and using this to manage them, or copying links and pasting them into other pages, rather than being able to add them direct from the page editing options. Again, also not easy to tell where attachments are stored if they need to be changed or updated.


Anne Bowtell says:
Tuesday, 7 June 2016, 7.47 am

In discussions in the Oversight Committee we felt that attachments were something some editors had problems with. Our experience so far is that central repositories (like the image repository) were a slightly difficult concept and it wasn't always clear how permissions would work - would all editors have access to all documents? We would like to see some usability testing on this work.