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A release including bug fixes and small features.



  • Slideshow arrows on responsive design
    On mobile versions of the website, the arrows for the slideshow were obscuring part of the text for the slides. This has been fixed.
  • Our team portlet on research group pages
    On the research group pages, the our team portlet is designed to extend to the length of the tex on the page to the left of it. If there was no text, then the portlet was not showing any profiles. We have updated this so that it will always display a minimum of one profile on the group page.
  • Description text for images on profile pages
    When adding a description to an image tile on a profile page, the description was showing when you saved the layout, however upon refreshing the page, the description would disappear. This is fixed.
  • Addable content types within content types
    Previously it was possible to add content types into other content types where this was not realistic. For example it was possible to create a news item within an existing news item. This both was messy structurally, as well as confusing for editors. This has been fixed.
  • Unable to add a news listing filtered by certain categories
    It was noted that adding a news/events feed was fine, however the categories were not appearing in the filter box that would enable an editor to only show news/events tagged by certain categories. This is fixed.
  • Fix text wrapping on our team portlet for research groups
    If a person had a long job title, this was cut short on the team listing for research groups.
  • Fixed broken link to Campion Hall on college connection tile
  • Reduce white space between fixed place portlets on course content type
  • Removed Typekit from loading in TinyMCE
    Quite a few users were noticing issues that were causing some random strings of text (BESBWsy) to load randomly onto pages. This was being caused by the font that we are using. We have now removed a step for this as an initial step to resolving the issue.
  • Fixed issue where users could not add new profiles.
    New profiles could not be added as in the old set up of the team section, the sections were defined by pages. We migrated these to sections and reflowed the profile adding.
  • Images in footer failing to centre
    The images added into the footer of the site were not centring on the page.