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AS A LOGGED IN EDITOR, I WANT to be able to easily tell with a visual identifier if an item of content on my website is pulled or subscribed from another website without having to edit the content SO THAT I know if I can edit this content locally or not.

AS A SUBSCRIBER I WANT to see when the item of content was pulled and subscribed to, or just pulled into my website, who subscribed/pulled the content into the website (name and email address) as well as a link to the original item of content SO THAT I can see when the content was added to my site, and who by.

AS A SUBSCRIBER I WANT to always be able to see who (full name, not user name) carried out the actions related to the content on my website, even if their profile is deleted and they have left the organisation SO THAT I can keep a clear audit trail for my content.

AS A SUBSCRIBER I WANT to see a revision history of the item that I have subscribed to, or pulled into my website SO THAT I am able to see the changes that are happening to my content if it is subscribed to the original, but also if I pull the content I can see the updates being made so that I can decide if I want to subscribe to the original item of content at any time.

AS A SUBSCRIBER I WANT to be able to quickly and easily tell which version number of the content that I am subscribed to, SO THAT I can quickly see the past versions and the differences.

AS A SUBSCRIBER I WANT to see the workflow state of the original item of content that I have either pulled or subscribed to with my website SO THAT I am aware if the content owner has removed the original item of content, or if there will be no more updates made to the content (if the original is deleted).

AS A SUBSCRIBER I WANT to be able to see any comments that have been left in relation to the content that I have pulled or subscribed to SO THAT I can be made aware of the reason for any updates that have been made to the content, or if there is any information that the content owner wants to make me aware of.

AS A SUBSCRIBER I WANT the option for a local user account to be created when I pull and or subscribe to a profile from the cloud SO THAT I can then give the profile I have pulled in a user account, without having to create them from scratch.