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A release containing new functionality as well as bug fixes.



4 x Tokens

New minor features/improvements

Single profile publications synchronisation

We have developed the functionality that allows Site Administrators to call a publications sync on an individual profile basis. This ensures that should there be a time critical publication, a Site Administrator is able to use the Ad-Hoc publications sync. This functionality can be called from the 'Actions' menu of a profile page.


  • Fix for 'Recent publications' portlet and tile to ensure 'Forthcoming' publications are not shown by default.
  • Fix to ensure 'Haiku' configlet is availlable to all Site Administrators.
  • Update to show lead images on 'Cover page' content type
  • Add icon for 'Projects' content type.
  • Fix for image alingment (inline/right/left/center) on cover pages.
  • Fix to remove border from OxPodcast iFrames.
  • Fix for cursor on 'Simple gallery' table, to ensure user can see '+' icon and be aware that they can see the full size image by clicking on it.