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  • Footer Logo Responsive Design fix
    When looking at the footer logos on a mobile device, the footer logos were breaking into the address details. This has been fixed
  • Scroll bar redesign
    When using the HTML edit interface the scroll bar on the box was quite small and as a result it was difficult for users to click and drag. We have increased the size of this to make it more user friendly for those users who do not like to mouse scroll in the box
  • Strip out any 'BESbswy' text
    Sometimes when adding pages to Haiku sites, due to the font that is being used, there is 'BESbswy' text that is randomly generated into rich text boxes. This is a bug within the font that we use, and the supplier of this font has not made a fix for this yet. We are looking to potentially move to a font from a different source, this would fix the issue completely. We are in progress with this, but we want to make sure that the new font is the same or as similar as possible. For the time being, this fix removes any 'BESbswy' text from displaying on pages, however you may still see this in the edit interface.