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The Haicloud allows websites to share their content with each other, for it to be republished and synchronised. This avoids the duplication of work for editors. Currently, all content that is publically published on a website is available for othe Haiku websites within thier area to reuse. This proposed functionality would enable editors to mark any publically available content as not available for other websites to reuse.


As a content owner, I want to be able to mark an item of content on my website that adds a flag to it ensuring that no other websites are able to clone or pull that item of content, so that I can keep content for use on my site only. (Be aware this would not stop anyone simply copying and pasting the content from one website into another.

As a content owner, I want to be able to retrospectively mark content that should not be reused on other sites, and for this to notify any websites who have cloned or subscribed to the content that it is no longer available for reuse.