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Enhancements to the portal usage across the sites, including: - Refine which portlets can be used on a per content type basis. - Allow more portlets to be used on different pages - Allow site administrators to give editors of pages and sections the ability to manage portlets on their pages


This functionality will increase the location options for portlets across the site, providing you with more flexibility of where you can add content, and which type of content you can add. There will still be some restrictions based on best practice and design, but these will be as limited as possible.


AS An Editor I WANT TO have more flexibility what types of portlets can be added to the different locations across the site.


Haiku HQ says:
Monday, 30 November 2015, 12.50 pm

We are putting this feature on hold for the moment. We are undertaking a larger piece of work to understand how we can better apply portlets, and manage them across the system. This feature feeds into that.