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  • The date and time picker for the start and end of an event, has been clunky and unintuitive to use. When setting a start time, the end time would not default to the hour after, or even the same day. We have improved this now, and the event end date field automatically jumps to the same day as the event start date, and is set to finish one hour later than the start time.

  • When we changed how profiles are categorised, there was an issue that logged in editors could no longer see the tabs that were not published. We have now made an improvement in the edit interface of the team section. You can now select tabs that you want to see as a logged in user, as well as which tabs you want the public to be able to see. This will allow editors to be able to manage the profiles in an easier way.

  • Since the introduction of the taxonomy, the management of the tagging for research themes and research groups has become much easier. Following on from this, we have developed the ability for editors to apply the categories portlet to the research landing page where users will be able to click on the category and it will filter down the results on the tab that they are looking at.


  • Profile misalignment
    Profiles automatically aligning centrally.