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  • Add transformation for displaying the "Path field" in cover tiles
  • Fix arrow directions on accordion nav portlets
  • Fix site creation, broken by the wrong context for the setup handler
  • Refactor getting images for tiles
  • Import local sharing roles code from the turnkey package to the haiku.core package - cleaning
  • Fix for tile icons
  • Make the unit portal type collectable by Haiku
  • Make the document portal type collectable by Haiku
  • Make the profile portal type collectable by Haiku
  • Make the project portal type collectable by Haiku
  • Make the team portal type collectable by Haiku
  • Fix for adding profile (with no image) link to TinyMCE
  • Add the number of publications visibility field
  • Add libraries access permission
  • Fix broken collection search when combining all content types filter with sorting by position in the parent as well as allow filtering by state "new"
  • Hide description for cover view