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Compliance is very important to ensure that the content on websites is accessible and meets the requirements of GDPR.

With regards to compliance, there are three key areas that we are going to work on:

  • GDPR - data related to images, information collected on forms etc.
  • Accessibility
  • Cookie banner

For the purpose of this feature, we are going to provide tools for Haiku editors that help to ensure that the content on their website is as accessible as possible. With regards to the colour palette that is used on a Haiku website, we take care to check that the colours you would like to use to generate your theme are accessible when we first implement them. If the colours are not accessible for any reason, we either will have or will let you know about this. This means that we will ensure various areas are still accessible for all users, e.g. that the text colour is suitable on the highlight colour that you may use to put behind some text on your website. 

Alongside the colours, there are other areas of a website where we can help to make sure that you are considering your content and ensuring that it is always as accessible as possible for users.



AS A SITE ADMIN I want users of my website to be able to navigate my site using keyboard or speech recognition tools SO THAT users who require these tools can still easily navigate around my Haiku website.

AS A SITE ADMIN I want to ensure that my website can be used with a screen reader SO THAT users who require a screen reader are still able to find and interpret all of the content on my Haiku website.

AS A SITE ADMIN I want guidance that helps me to ensure that the content on my website is structured and ordered correctly SO THAT I can ensure that with my best effort the content on my website is as accessible as possible.

AS A SITE ADMIN I want to ensure that I am providing alt text or non-visual alternatives for all of the images across my Haiku website SO THAT I am making all types of content available in one format or another to all of my users.

AS A SITE ADMIN I want to provide captions/descriptions for all essential audiovisual content SO THAT users are able to what the content on the page is about.

AS AN EDITOR I want to have an inbuilt tool that will tell me if the colour contrasts that I am using on cover pages with the designer role are accessible (e.g. font colour on background colour) SO THAT I can be confident that I am making content that is accessible.

AS A SITE ADMIN I want my users to know if a link they are going to open is going to open in a new tab/window SO THAT they are aware they will be leaving the site in a new tab/window to see the content that they are clicking through to.