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To encourage visitors to view other content and reduce bounce rates for highly viewed pages, there should be a suggested content portlet that allows the editor to manually select which other page(s) they would like the visitor to see.


A suggested content portlet will be created. From this portlet editors will be able to select internal links from their site to steer their visitors too. You will also be able to add external links into the same portlet, please note that in the ordering of the items in the portlet, external and internal links can not be mixed, they will appear one under the other.


As an editor I want to be able to select internal and external links, so that I can display a portlet of these links on my page to direct my visitors to other pieces of contents that I want them to see.


Anne Bowtell says:
Wednesday, 25 November 2015, 8.52 am

Haiku Oversight Committee:

Could the related content also contain external links - most sites in the University constantly refer to each other and many manually created related content lists combine internal and external links?

Haiku HQ says:
Thursday, 26 November 2015, 3.28 pm

Hi Anne, Yes this should be totally possible, we have asked the developers to include it in their user stories