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  • Add styles for blockquote 
  • Add styles for text highlighting
  • Add summary text style
  • Add events calendar display option
  • Add 'box-featured' to predefined CSS classes for new rich text formatting
  • Add 'details' to predefined CSS classes for new rich text formatting
  • Add 'lead' to predefined CSS classes for new rich text formatting
  • Add 'blockquote' to predefined CSS classes for new rich text formatting
  • Create an action to create user accounts from profiles where user accounts do not exist, for use when pulling profiles into a website with the remote profile and cloud functionality
  • Make phase headers on projects listing template linkable
  • Add Twitter card support
  • Add RSS tile to research group content type


  • Customise RSS solution for blog listings
  • Fix for blog post listing filtering and categories
  • Fix categories search URL for blog posts
  • Cleaning portlets code
  • Fix for missing theme colour in pull-quote/block-quote in TinyMCE
  • Style the featured box and edit interface for blockquote
  • Style secondary logo to conform with University of Oxford branding guidelines
  • Fix max width for select2 options
  • Adjust the positioning of dropdown arrows on select fields
  • Fix for multiple scrolling arrows showing on team portlet when resizing the browser
  • Fix for users being able to add files to the relevant container
  • Customise RSS for news and events
  • Fix news and events filtering and category label links
  • Deploy events portlet to events sections
  • Send site admin site feedback emails to sites main email address that has been verified with the SMTP service
  • Remove 'details' CSS class from predefined values
  • Update 'clear saved input' styling on the button in the forms content type data saver
  • Update styling for altmetric widget
  • Fix for cover image position in publications modals
  • Customise RSS feed for publications listing
  • Fix remote items update cache
  • Remove obsolete publications views and templates
  • Change image class to responsive
  • Remove obsolete symplectic browser configlet
  • Update to upcoming events portlet to show only related events
  • Update TinyMCE rich text editor config
  • Implement no workflow for files/attachments