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Haicloud updates

  • Remove print statement
  • Update content in the cloud when the cover layout is updated
  • Sync content with to cloud if modified without descriptions (e.g. zope.lifecycleevent.modified(obj))
  • Update content in the cloud when its behaviours are updated
  • Add forgotten registration of the migration profile 1016 for fixing action expressions
  • Fix broken search page if no description of the content is available
  • Show search hits score in search result's title's tag title attribute
  • Show content path in the site when listing it in cloud content search
  • Fix cloud-edit action's availability expression and update cloud-sync and cloud-push action's permissions
  • Add patch for featured tiles to transform rich text links/images for subscribed cover pages
  • Change cloud images view to use the @@response_image view
  • Update cloud-Images view to work with scales
  • Update patch for haiku.cover list tiles to provide primary images for the list tile items
  • Update patch for cover list tile to list content from the cloud if parent cover belongs to content subscribed to updates from the cloud.
  • Ignore mycharm files
  • Remove obsolete imports in publications views
  • Add sync to cloud action and updated condition for the push to cloud action
  • Reset content cloud data before pushing to cloud as new content (after copy/paste)
  • Extend duplicate ids audit result with created and modified dates
  • Move content id duplicates browser view to the rest audit endpoint
  • Minor merging of conditions for checking if content can be pushed to the cloud
  • Add helper browser view for analysing duplicated content_ids
  • Patch list tile of the haiku.cover pages to serve its content's from the cloud if the cover page is a subscriber
  • Add keyword sortable tree-number value as a data attribute to search results item's title
  • Add new "Push to cloud" action for creating / updating content's record in the cloud
  • Add pyjwt as a dependency
  • Add initial styles for new cloud dashboard
  • Moving cloud dashboard to separated sub package + more renaming in code structure
  • Various fixes after moving code around and other minor tweaks
  • Fix filename
  • Automatically switch between react development and production libraries