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At the end of November, we deployed the new Haicloud functionality to all of the live Haiku sites, behind the scenes, and began the enormous task of syncing all content from each individual Haiku website. We are pleased to let you know that we have now synced all of the content into the cloud. The total number of items that have been consumed into the cloud is nearly 150,000, this is excluding publications. This initial synchronisation of content into the cloud has taken a large amount of time due to the quantity of content, as well as the thousands of images that area associated with the content.

We have been carrying out a wide range of automatic and manual of testing on the system, and we are confident that the function to pull content from one Haiku website to another is working well, ensuring that all aspects of the content are pulled into the website. We have been testing this across all of the various content types, and have been very happy with the results - we are sure that you will be too.

The area that we are working on currently to iron out the bugs, and ensure is working optimally, is the subscription side of the cloud content. Currently we are working hard on the subscriptions to content as we need to be confident that you can trust the subscription to the content, to enable the cloud to help you streamline your content management and sharing. 

We need to carry out some updates to the subscriptions to ensure that you have enough flexibility to tailor the content to to the Haiku website it is being pulled onto with the categorisation, and at the same time be confident that when the original item of content is updated that it will reflect the necessary changes on the content that is subscribed to it, but not override the required local updates. We have seen from our testing, that we have a few tasks to carry out in this area.

With the current work that is required in mind, and the Christmas break coming up, we will be fully launching the cloud service to you, for both pulling content into you Haiku website, as well as pulling and subscribing to content on Tuesday 9th January. 

Once again, we thank you for your continued patience and are confident that the cloud content sharing will enable you to streamline certain areas of your content management and strategy.


The Haiku Team

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