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Releases that have been launched are detailed here. Click on an individual release to view a list of what the release includes.

Haiku 7.23.0

Release date: 10 August 2021



  • Updated internal control panel hints, added checking for legacy Google Tracker.
  • Fixed an error in the display settings of news listing template. 
  • Added a pronouns field under the the contact information tile in profile pages. 
  • Re-enabled certificate checking, related to Symplectic.

Haiku 7.22.0

Release date: 30 July 2021


  • Updated the code to support the new Google Analytics tracker, and added a title attribute to analytics icon.
  • Added title labels for carousel controls.
  • Added as media tab to the form functionality.
  • Backed up migrations and reindexed references.
  • Updated the projects functionality, to allow portlets be visible on pages using the projects display listing. 
  • Updated the 'used in' image functionality.
  •  Added a referenceable tile behaviour to research groups.

Haiku 7.21.0

Release date: 8 July 2021


  • Fixed an instance where captions overlapped on image content.
  • Fixed an issue whereby switching between tabs in research sections resulted in dead end URLS.
  • Updated the 'used in' image functionality, adding a warning message to deter instances of unwanted image deletion. 
  • Updated reference detection parameters for 'used in' image functionality.
  • Fixed the image uploading via custom upload widget.
  • Fixed an instance of accordion dropdown functionality not responding correctly.
  • Added a method to clean the rich text field and create a rich text validator, with size parameters to combat instances of slow or un-loadable content.
  • Updated viewlet tests 
  • Updated the ORCID title field functionality.
  • Updated internal clearing locks migration.

Haiku 7.20.0

Release date: 22 June 2021


  • Updated keyboard navigation accessibility, improving focus styles for visual links. 
  • Updated fields filter for collection tiles, selected and similar items portlets, which gives users greater control over content visible therein. 
  • Fixed an issue related to updating alt text on images.
  • Fixed an issue related to duplicate FAQ items opening in the incorrect location.

Haiku 7.19.0

Release date: 8 June 2021


  • Updated user selection text to be modified via theme variables.
  • Added internal option to force migrations.
  • Added option to remove titles on news and events listings tiles.
  • Fixed an issue related to saving background images in column styling interface. 
  • Fixed a bug related to changing the colour of latest publication tile titles.
  • Internal change to address extra field calculation for collection and list tiles.
  • Fixed an issue related to cover page navigation tiles.
  • Added an alt text field to the image tiles on user profiles.
  • Backed up internal migrations. 
  • Added research group description characters limit option for listings.
  • Fixed internal section title behaviour migration. 


  • Updated the disable sync publications functionality.

Haiku 7.18.0

Release date: 19 May 2021


  • Updated the visual highlight display on active tabs to add improved clarity when switching between them. 
  • Improved carousel indicators for Anarchy themes. 
  • Updated internal accordion listing items. 
  • Fixed extra fields filter for collection, similar and selected items portlets.
  • Added 'Child site logo' option in Haiku navigation settings, and updated it so it's only available to site managers. 


  • Updated internal readme. 

Haiku 7.17.0

Release date: 6 May 2021


  • Fixed a tab jumping bug when using a chrome browser.
  • Updated the collection tile's FAQ functionality, allowing the user to hide the 'Read more' button for items with empty text fields or for items which full text is already shown.
  • Added a 'sort by Publication date' and 'Publication date (reversed)' filtering option on the collection tile.
  • Addressed a profile issue to ensure relevant email addresses are properly stored following the creation of a profile.


  • Updated internal migration view.

Haiku 7.16.0

Release date: 26 April 2021


  • Improved the blogpost template, adding the option to include author portraits on blog posts.
  • Added a warning message when workflow states mismatch between a container and its default page. 
  • Updated the embed tile, embed portlet and Primary media field (Edit -> Media tab) to allow Eventbrite code to be added.
  • Added a slide animation effect option on the carousel tile.
  • Added a 'hide description' option on the carousel tile.
  • Added the ORCID icon on Haiku user profiles, along with embedded links to relevant ORCID profiles. 
  • Added a 'don't show this above the image' checkbox to the portrait tile, to allow alt text to remain visible without displaying portrait titles. 
  • Updated code relating to the embed tile.
  • Updated the selected publications portlet. 
  • Stripped HTML tags from publication abstracts. 

Haiku 7.15.0

Release date: 25 March 2021


  • Fixed a breadcrumb navigation bug.
  • Extend valid HTML elements in TinyMCE to allow subtitles when embedding videos. 
  • Updated HTML filter to maintain working links under images with captions.
  • Internal update to allow Fry staff to bypass Haiku SSO. 

Haiku 7.14.0

Release date: 15 March 2021


  • Updated code relating to Altmetric. 
  • Disabled automatic moxieplayer wrap when embedding videos using Tinymce.
  • Fixed the caching method for portlets, which now accept characters from outside the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange).
  • Added left hand slot for portlets on FAQ's section. 
  • Added a filters tab to the navigation tile. 
  •  Added phases validation to configlet to differentiate between identically named projects. 
  • Updated listing item view to show lead images on projects tiles. 
  • Updated section title behaviour. 

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