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Releases that have been launched are detailed here. Click on an individual release to view a list of what the release includes.

Haiku 7.3.0

Release date: 17 April 2020



  • Added visible focus styles to links and buttons for improving the accessibility of Haiku websites.
  • Added and improved the styling for the skip navigation links for accessibility improvements.
  • Added new fields to the Blog content type. These fields will allow you to relate local publications to blog posts, as well as external publications (using their DOI, which will also supply the altmetric information) and there is also the ability to add numerous related links to the blog post, which will be styled in and put beside the main content.
  • Added OxTalks digest generator to all sites. This tool allows you to create digests of talks that are on the OxTalks platform and then generated HTML to be able to create an email from the digest.


  • Improve styling for the data-grid field.
  • Fix for width on date/time pucker dropdowns.
  • Improve validation message for users when the image resolution is exceeded.
  • Update styling for selected publications tile and portlet.
  • Fix for setting the limit on our team tile and portlet.

Haiku 7.2.3

Release date: 2 April 2020


  • Add transformation rules for widgets from: collective.z3cform.datetimewidget
  • Add transformation rules for 'display' mode widgets
  • Add radio buttons transformation rules
  • Add hidden-print class to hide parts of the page in .pdf printing
  • Fix wrong accept header
  • Add pdf generator
  • Fix for Carousel widget
  • Add discussion behaviour for sections
  • Add debug information for when redirection based on IP address fails
  • Update caching
  • Add debugging to caching
  • Fix for columns/rows styling - opacity
  • Fix to preserve key publications sort order on cloud profiles
  • Clean old code

Haiku 7.2.2

Release date: 20 March 2020


  • Add option to 'Promoted items' to include them in the listing as well as in the promoted section of a listing - especially useful with profiles in the team section if you still want to show them in their category tab as well as the promoted section.


  • Update to cookie law banner implementation to prevent any phishing attempts.
  • Fix for the display of form validation errors
  • Add fieldname to image context data
  • Refactor the JavaScript for OxTalks
  • Update to ensure that promoted profiles are now searchable as they may be in other locations than just the promoted items display
  • Refactor projects listings and individual items
  • Move listings and views to haiku.core
  • Update caching for remotely published items

Haiku 7.2.1

Release date: 4 March 2020


  • Fix for gallery table when inline images are used
  • Cleaning unused code
  • Add migration caching
  • Update publications tile on profiles to add 'key_link' property for identifying key publications from the cloud
  • Update to projects content type for more flexible field labelling
  • Add additional publications by Symplectic ID vocabulary to support - upgrade preparation


  • Various upgrades and updates to the cloud profile implementation. This will allow us to run the migration that will move all remote profiles to use the cloud profiles, which allows for much better integration and streamlined consistent service for all editors. This is a critical step to the upgrade of the entire system.
  • Migrate publications to the cloud to enable the use of publications and sync only once, rather than once per site.

Haiku 7.2.0

Release date: 26 February 2020


  • Added 'Hide description' field for blog posts. When this was first implemented, the description was not designed to show on the item landing page, only listing and search results. We have now implemented this field to make it more flexible.
  • Improved caching for all listing views
  • Implement ability for editors to be able to force cover page columns to balance at the same height if they are using a background colour. This means you can ensure the columns look equal, without having to manipulate the content padding and margin spacing. 
  • First implementation of OxTalks digest builder.


  • Complete cleaning and the ungroking of the multiple packages - upgrade preparation.
  • Preparation for latest Python version with internal updates and upgrades - upgrade preparation.
  • Fix for stretched footer logos
  • Update rich-text class to only apply base styles

Haiku 7.1.7

Release date: 29 January 2020


  • Update to caching for listing items
  • Fix for migration to enable mobile menu on all sites


  • Store api auth token in the configuration registry until it is valid
  • Add patch for profiles tile to list related profiles available in the same site for subscribers

Haiku 7.1.6

Release date: 24 January 2020


  • Add initial configuration for fixed height columns
  • Add base rich text styles
  • Fix for search box background colour
  • Improve layout of images library
  • Improve layout of footer links and logos
  • Fix for the sidebar on modals
  • Add instruction for decorative images in the image help text
  • Improve layout of files library
  • Fix for issue when granting site admin access to users
  • Remove obsolete actions from the mobile menu package
  • Allow customising of profiles search


  • Fix for cloud images view for all image fields
  • Let sitemap export include subscribers
  • Extend timeouts to fix a variety of jobs
  • Add content transfer API adapter for finalising the content after transferring from site to site
  • Add cloud content transfer migration check view
  • Preserve original content's id (name) when cloning
  • Fix preserved fields usage during cloud content update and migration make publishers only from cloned created during the migration
  • Add ability to control cloud connection timeouts when pulling content increase timeout when cloning content during the migration
  • Fix assigning preserved_fields to new clones
  • Add marker interface to the CloudSyncBehavior add migration to assign the CloudSyncBehavior to all clones
  • Add option to register user account if profile content has been cloned
  • Fix deserialising of "date" values
  • Assign local behaviour CloudSync to clonned content
  • Add new behaviour for cloud content clones with settings for sync add vocabulary listing context's schema fields
  • Fix deserializing date values serialize choice values no matter if they are available in the field's vocabulary 
  • Improve errors handling when communicating with the cloud

Haiku 7.1.5

Release date: 15 January 2020


  • Add hamburger menu to all Haiku websites for use of the mobile menu. This menu option is much more intuitive and user-friendly for people visiting the website on their mobile device.
  • Improvement for header content when displayed on a mobile device. Moving unimportant links to the footer to make better use of the website header space on a mobile device.
  • Implement image and file quick edit option
  • Add exclude from navigation field to research groups


  • Fix slideshow navigation arrow overspill
  • Fix the fit of images to their container in the image library
  • Fix for pagination styles
  • adjustment for size dependant modals
  • Remove duplicate site actions ID
  • Improve layout styles for the image library
  • Remove bottom margin on parent site header for nested sites
  • Add rich-text CSS class to feature tile template
  • Update upcoming events tile catalogue query
  • Limit Alt text for images to 1000 characters in line with accessibility guidelines
  • Implemented check for image dimensions
  • Update image quick edit form hints
  • Add RAM cache for news and events items
  • Only show site-actions on mobile devices in the footer
  • Update image description hint
  • Improve metadata display in modal
  • Remove image filename as ALT if the description is missing
  • Replace image listing panel with image-cards
  • Move default location for primary portlets to the right for sections listing
  • Update image and file View actions

Haiku 7.1.4

Release date: 6 December 2019


  • Add bottom margin for tiles
  • Fix for images overflowing containers in Internet Explorer
  • Remove additional pseudo HTML markup from publication's title
  • Update blog tile fields
  • Improve error handling on the jobs feed. Now showing a nice error message if the feed cannot be loaded
  • Fix some issues with corrupted PNG files being uploaded
  • Update image/files listing template
  • Fix to open external news and events in new tab
  • Fix copyright for primary media and images listing
  • Fix image searching and sorting
  • Adjust projects, news and events tiles fields
  • Disable caching for data adaptors
  • Adjust team listing categories filter to show all possible options to authenticated users
  • Fix profiles portrait listing
  • Fix for reindexing remotely published items after their sync

Haiku 7.1.3

Release date: 12 November 2019

HAIKU Improvements

  • Definable image ratio for all listings, you can now choose between 16x9, or original. This ensures that listings are consistent across your Haiku website.
  • Add 6 columns layout for collection and list tiles
  • Add the external link option to news and events. If you provide an 'External link' for a news or event item, the user will be taken to the link when they click on the item from it's listing page. 


  • Updates to the list tile interface and fields to make it more intuitive. For example, the confusing 'Layout' options have been made more clear, and the sort ordering options are now logical.
  • Fix image styles in rich text areas and popups
  • Remove image-centre transformations
  • Change the markup for images inside rich text areas
  • Fix margins for nested lists
  • Remove background colour from copyright in carousels
  • Remove fixme for cover page tile margins
  • Remove colouring on the first column of a table in rich text tiles
  • Fix for editable files and images listings
  • Give Designer role permission to edit customisations configlet
  • Update listing item template
  • Add 'top' image positions for default listing item
  • Fix for redirection subscriber
  • Add Link behaviour and adapter
  • Update listing_item for files
  • Create listing_item view for images
  • Show/Hide title, image caption option on list and collections tiles
  • Change cite to small for copyrights
  • Set '20' as a placeholder for bottom margin in column layout form
  • Refactor list tile
  • Remove HTML tags from publication's title when syncing from Symplectic: HSD-2974
  • Fix for research listing
  • Add level (depth) field to research section View options (to force the section to only show the cover pages that are intended to show on any cover page tab)