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This is a release containing feature improvements and bug fixes.

What's changed?

  • Improvement to Oxford Maps iFrames - We have improved the Oxford Maps integration by ensuring that the iFrames supplied by Oxford Maps are responsive within Haiku websites. This improvement ensures that when people access pages containing embedded Oxford Maps, that the maps are easy to view across all devices.
  • Apply new filtering to the news landing page. The allows the news items on Haiku websites to be filtered using fast and smart search queires. As an administrator or user, you will notice that the news filtering has been moved from the right side of the page to the top of the page.
  • Improve the 'Load more' function to show how many more items the user can load in their next click across the team, news, and events pages.
  • Update for 'Read more' link on 'Featured' tile. Previously the default text on the button on a featured tile was 'More news'. The default value how been change to 'Show more', however editors can still change the text that is displayed on this button in the tile settings.
  • Update to the RSS tile and portlet that allows editors to define the link that the 'Read more' button links to.
  • Improvement to 'News' portlet an tile. This improvement ensures that unpublished news items show in the 'News' portlet and tile across a Haiku site, greyed out when in an unpublished state.
  • Fix to stop alternative text showing HTML tags.
  • Update to news, events and team listing that makes the number of items showing before the 'Load more' button definable by editors.
  • Update to the 'Manage behaviours' function on sections. Previously, the 'Manage behaviours' section was confusing. We have updated this to restrict the behaviours available and limit to only one being chosen.