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The latest release - Haiku 4.2.0 has given you some much anticipated functionality. You will find some information about the new features below.


We have now developed the functionality for you to be able to add the Altmetrics attribute to the publications on your website, if you are using the Symplectic integration. You can add this attribute to all of the locations that you can show a publication. 

Documentation for using this functionality can be found here.


We have now developed the ability for you to be able to add more content to the events content type. You can add more webpages to the events content type, and then display them as tabs underneath the main content of the events pages. This will allow for more information to be attributed to your events, without creating a long page that is not user friendly. This may be useful for larger events, or events with many items for download etc. We will be looking to extend this functionality to other content types in the future.

Documentation for using this functionality can be found here.


We have now updated the link that is attributed to publications. The link will now be taken from the DOI entry, if you are using the integration with Symplectic. The publication detail will now also show the DOI link for users to see. If you are using manual publications, the publication will still link to the link that you provide. 


We have now developed the ability for you to to be able to use tables in the rich text editor. This will allow you to present information in a different format. This will also give you more flexibility with the resizing of iFrames etc. as you can create tables and add your content into tables.


We have now released the Oxford talks integration. You will find across your website, that you have the ability to add an Oxford talks tile to your cover pages, a portlet throughout your website, and a tile to profile pages as well. This functionality allows you to pull events from Oxford Talks into your website in a feed that will link to the original item.

Documentation for using this functionality can be found here.


We hope that you enjoy all the latest features that this release has provided.

The Haiku Team

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