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Everyone knows that content is king! No one would ever spend hours writing content for their website, if they did not think that it was important and interesting to their visitors. When you continue to build content in to a website over a period of time, be it weeks, months, or years, you will always have some content that you want to make stand out, and draw a users attention more than the other content that you are displaying. 

Previously when using Haiku, you only had the ability to use a 'Quick facts' tile to make some information stand out, however, even the functionality of this tile was limited. 

With the release of cover pages, came the ability to use a 'Featured' tile. This gave editors more flexibility, allowing images and links to be put into the tile. 

With this latest release, you now have the ability to add background shading and borders to all of the tiles available when creating a cover page. This means that you are able to make any of your content that is in a tile stand out, from the news tile to the text tile - make your users notice the content you want to promote to them.

Click here to see the release notes for the borders and shading.

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