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Enhancing communications and feedback has been on our mind for some time now.  

We are continuously trying to ensure that everyones experience with Haiku is a truly wonderful one, and that it exceeds expectations.  In order to keep on top of that, getting feedback from you on the system, its features and usability, and the service is critical.

So what have we changed in HQ 2.0


We have replaced the old 'Haiku News' section with a blog.  This means that you can comment and feedback on items that we publish, so we can hear your thoughts about what we are doing.

In addition to this we are going to be doing some real blogging, the Haiku team will be keeping you up to date with what we are working on, thoughts we have about system enhancements and various other Haiku related titbits. 


In addition to trying to gain more feedback though HQ we also want to speak to you more, and spend time investing in troubleshooting sessions and training refreshers.

We are putting in place two new communication routes to incorporate this for Haiku.  

New Feature Launches

  • Frequency: Every other month
  • Method: Presentation
  • Venue: Oxford based
  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Audience: Haiku Site Administrators
  • Purpose: This session will be a demonstration of key new features that have launched since the last session.  We will show you how to use the feature, and the different ways that they can be used in your Haiku site.  Following the presentation, we will hold an open session where you can ask us about any Haiku queries, problems or suggestions you have.  
  • We have already run the first of these sessions which many of you attended and we received some positive feedback, so hopefully this will prove to be a really useful addition.

Haiku Workshops 

  • Frequency: Every fortnight
  • Method: Webinar
  • Venue: Webex
  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Audience: Haiku Site Administrators and Editors.  Potentially more general users for some specific training workshops (i.e - how to get the most out of my profile)
  • Purpose:  This webinar will take different forms, for example, question and answer sessions, refresher training or usability workshops.  The agendas for the webinars will be driven by what you ask us you would like to cover

In order to manage these sessions we have created a new HQ section: 'Haiku Events'.  Here we will publish details of any events that we are holding, and Haiku editors will be invited when they are created (extend the invite as you see fit, the more the merrier).  You will have the ability to comment on the event with topics for discussion, and questions about any topics on the agenda. 

The agenda for each workshop will be derived from these comments, and will allow us to schedule the time for the call appropriately.  This will allow us to plan so that we can get through everyones requests.


This new section shows you who else is in the Haiku community with a link to their website profile.  We hope that this is an additional tool to help you collaborate, or help each other.


The design of the Haiku Evolution section has had a significant design change which improves the accessibility of feature information:

  • The Releases and Roadmap sections are now displayed in a scrolling timeline rather than a list view.  This has created more space in the page to enable all the features/bug fixes included in them to be displayed below the timeline so you can very easily see whats included.
  • You no longer need to navigate away from the release page to see the features 'detail' page.  If there is a feature you want to read more about you simply click the image and a pop up modal will provide you with all the feature details.  There is still an option to 'view details' should you want to go to the feature detail to leave comments.


HQ has a new design theme across the site to give it a fresher new look, and to display information in a more easy to access manner.


  • Previously HQ only allowed the Editor in Chiefs comment on content, we have now opened that up to Department Administrators as well.  You all have logins to the site which is how you receive notifications. If you need us to resend those credentials please let us know, as we would love to hear from you.
  • The Haiku Knowledge base and Service desk are accessible from the main navigation bar in HQ.


  • Rich Text email notifications.  Updates to HQ are currently sent to you via an email which makes you link back to the site to see the content.... this is not a great experience, so we are bringing the content to your inbox via beautiful rich text email.
  • Feedback built into Haiku.  We are implementing a feedback icon into the Haiku edit bar.  If you are working in Haiku and something comes to mind that you would like to make us aware of then this simple pop up box makes it super quick and easy to let us know what your thinking while its fresh in your mind.

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