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Yesterday saw the release of a long aticipated feature in Haiku. We have now moved from image cropping to image scaling. Previously, it was hard to know exactly how your image would look when you uploaded it into the website. If the image was too big, then the Haiku system would crop it, from the middle and then show the part of the image that it had cropped, without giving you as an editor a say in where the image was cropped from.

With the new functionality, we have not changed how, or where, or when you upload an image to your website. What we have done, is given you more tools to be able to make the most of your image, once it is in your website. 

This is a significant improvement to the way that you can adjust and manipulate the images on your website, but as always we are not able to make all your images perfect, unless you upload a reasonable image in the first instance. So, always remember, that when it comes to images, the bigger the better. You are able to manipulate and edit a larger image, much more than a smaller one.

We hope that you enjoy, and benefit from this new functionality. 

Read the release notes here.

Read the documentation here.

The Haiku Team

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