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Haiku now integrates with OxPodcasts so that you are able to pull items directly from that library of media straight into your website.

In line with this development we have also hugely expanded the iFrame capability of Haiku.  You now have the ability to embed iFrames in any page, cover page, or portlet where you have a rich text editor.  We have made this really simple for you to apply, simply selecting a new button on the text editor bar.

While looking at the iFrame expansion we have also lifted the system restrictions that previously allowed you only to embed content from a limited number of providers (YouTube, Soundcloud etc).  You can now embed iFrames from any 3rd party provider.

You can find the documentation for this functionality here.

You can find the release notes for this functionality here.

This functionality is certain to make your sites more dynamic, and we look forward to seeing how you use it. 

The Haiku Team

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