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We are updating the way Haiku profiles are managed. This is essential for the continued maintenance and expansion of the profile functionality. Profiles will now use the same system as cover pages. This gives us more scope for the future than the current drag and drop functionality, which we are unable to develop further. This upgrade will provide some excellent benefits including:

  1. Site administrators will be able to change the layout of a profile, using the rows and columns option. Site administrators can create templates for new layouts ensuring consistency across the site. Profile owners won’t be able to change the layout of their profiles: only add new tiles.
  2. We will now have the ability to create new tiles providing additional features to help your site visitors find the information they are looking for.
  3. The new profiles will include a field ‘ORCiD’. This field will allow profile owners to link to their ORCiD information. Find out more about the ORCiD. (
  4. With this upgrade we have been able to implement requested improvements to profile connections. Research groups and themes, colleges, links and courses are now in separate tiles and you can manually sort the order within the tile to give you greater control over how the information is displayed.
  5. We will need to have an editing embargo across all content on all websites while we deploy and migrate the new profiles. This will run from 19.00 on Thursday 5th April to 08.00 on Monday 9th April. Visitors to your website won’t notice any difference when viewing your site. However, if you try to log in to edit you will see an error message and your changes won’t be saved.

Documentation for the new profiles is available on the Haiku Knowledge base.

After the profiles have been migrated we will put a notification at the top of the profile pages, to let users know profile management has changed. This message will include a link to the documentation. Editing should be simple for profile owners as the editing interface is very similar to the current system. Anne and Nicole are currently testing each profile tile thoroughly in the lead up to the deployment of the new profiles.

Please note that if you use remote profiles, the migration will handle these as well. The remote profiles functionality will continue to work as expected.  

If you have any further questions about the profiles migration, please do get in touch via the helpdesk, and we will be happy to answer your queries.


The Haiku Team


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