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While we are enhancing and improving Haiku's functionality, we must not forget to improve and evolve the services and process that support the system.  In line with that we have been reviewing what area we would like to target first......and the decision was simple.....the support help desk. 

The current helpdesk has limitations that make it difficult for us to be as effective and responsive as we could be, we don't like we are changing it.

The new help desk gives our superstar developers more immediate access to your queries so that they can help you directly rather than coming through the project team to manage issues.  Also your support tickets can integrate straight into our development tools meaning that we only have to manage one system.  These improvements also come with a very user friendly interface for you to interact with.

The transition for you will be simple, we have attached a guide on the right for you which explains step by step how to activate and use your account as of Monday 21st September, and all your existing support tickets will be migrated seamlessly.  You will receive an email with a link to the issues that have been transferred over for you.


Welcome to Haiku Service Desk.....we hope that you enjoy engaging with us.

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