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Blog coming soon

A blog is a great way to encourage you to create new content and post to your websites visitors. The blog will allow you and your website contributors to start conversations and engage with your websites stakeholders. 

Users of your website will be able to comment and follow discussions around blog posts and the content that they relate to.

Blogs can help to drive more traffic to your website. A well maintained blog will encourage users to return to your website, to look for fresh content and see the updates on other blog posts that they may have read previously. Not only will it increase the number of repeat visitors to your website, it will encourage users to share more of the dynamic content on your website using other channels such as social media, encouraging new visitors.

The blog section functionality is being developed in collaboration with some current Haiku users, and has now been released to these users for further, more rigorous testing.

We hope that you will find the new blog functionality easy to use and a great addition to your Haiku website.

The blog section is going to be released in May for all users. 

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