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Cover page coming soon

Haiku has some very exciting functionality coming to you in a few weeks.  Cover Pages provides you with a very user friendly way to create your own templates for entry pages (sections), and a simple drag and drop motion to create your content.

Cover Pages has been in Beta with a few departments while we have been testing and building it out, and we are now nearly ready to launch this across all Haiku websites.  On the 1st February Cover Pages will be deployed to all sites, initially just for homepages, so that users can try the new functionality and we can complete a further branch of user testing on a vaster scale.

Once cover pages is deployed, all sites will have a period of time in which to use Cover Pages to create their homepage (you can do this as a hidden page whilst keeping your current homepage, before seamlessly switching them over).  After that time, any homepages that are not using cover pages will be converted in an identical layout using a migration.  We will notify you when cover pages has been deployed to your site, and direct you to the associated documentation with how to create your new homepage.

This will mark the full completion of the Beta Cover Pages phase and we will move into a full release of cover pages where it will be rolled out for use site wide.

Please note, the aim of cover pages is that it will be used, where you require, to create entry pages to your sections, not for replacing content specific templates. 

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