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Cover page launch

Haiku's exciting new functionality has now been deployed out across all your sites, and is ready for you to use and experiment with.

As you know, Cover Pages provides you with a very simple and effective way to create new templates for entry pages (sections), and a simple drag and drop motion to create your content.

For the moment Cover Pages is for homepages only, our aim is that by the 1st June 2016 you will all have created a new Cover Pages homepage (you can do this as a hidden page whilst keeping your current homepage, before seamlessly switching them over).  Any homepages which have not been changed by the 1st June will be converted in an identical layout using a migration.  This will mark the full completion of the Beta Cover Pages phase and we will move into a full release where it will be rolled out for use site wide.

In order to get you started with understanding Cover Pages and how to use it we have published some new knowledge base items which you can access through your service desk login, or by following this link.  All the relevant items are listed under the 'cover pages' section of the content tree on the left hand side.

You should start with Creating your new cover page section and Create your cover page layout.  We have also created a quick guide tutorial video to show you the steps for creating your first cover page.



We hope that you all enjoy the new flexibility that Cover Pages will bring you, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.


The Haiku Team

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