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Releases that have been launched are detailed here. Click on an individual release to view a list of what the release includes.

Haiku 6.6.1

Release date: 13 December 2018


  • Fix for footer navigation padding
  • Fix for inline image styles in the rich text area of cover pages

Haiku 6.6.0

Release date: 5 December 2018


  • Add short name field to JSON export of profiles


  • Fix for image caption not being responsive within the rich text area
  • Fix for accordion display in the infinite scroll functionality
  • Update to heading theme colour management
  • Make start and end date optional for projects content type
  • Improve debugging information for publications
  • Disallow indexing of modals
  • Fix for publication modal links
  • Fix image field value 'content type' type from Unicode to string
  • Remove the table of contents option from WebPageExtensionScan

Haiku 6.5.0

Release date: 20 November 2018


  • Added indent and outdent buttons to the rich text editor.
  • Update to taxonomy that allows bulk tagging of content and more intuitive site actions.
  • Implement anti-spam 'honeypot' by default on all forms. A new hidden field prevents bots from filling in forms that do not use a captcha.
  • First run implementation of Shibboleth integration, supplying site metadata.


  • Fix search_rss which was failing on projects content type (project has start date not date-time)
  • Optionally extend body classes with userid and secret hash
  • Remove stride, add slack integration
  • Fix for sorting of research groups on profile tile
  • Fix for adding remote profiles without publications
  • Final cleaning for deprecated home pages and study with us content type.

Haiku 6.4.2

Release date: 2 November 2018


  • Fix broken research content detail page if an error occurs  when grabbing data from cloud

Haiku 6.4.1

Release date: 26 October 2018


  • Fix for site wide search on certain themes
  • Update transformation rules for PFG
  • Clean and remove 'Study with us' content type, behaviour, relations and actions
  • Add debug information to JSON API output
  • Fix events tile migration
  • Update filtering for events and news tiles
  • Fix incorrect portal message after manual remote content item update


  • Extend list of unsupported types by PFG content
  • Show origin website's link for keyword relations of type researchgroup and researchtheme
  • Clean up add from cloud page
  • Update keyword relations data
  • Minor visual improvements for research content listings
  • Improve communication with V2 REST API
  • Fix for all websites PUSH content type registry

Haiku 6.4.0

Release date: 9 October 2018


  • Add 'Selected publications' portlet available site wide


  • Update 'more link' behaviour, and add the related macro
  • Fix for the text lines sortable widget - omit empty values
  • Fix selected publication portlet migration, button and caching
  • Add patch for mail host with extra logging of emails being sent
  • Migrate publication content-type from dexterity container to new Publication + add new journal property making journals capitalised
  • Disable 'sendto', and feedback form scripts to avoid spam attacks


  • Add additional helper option to the cloud configlet for development setups "debug url"

Haiku 6.3.3

Release date: 27 September 2018


  • Fix team portlet alignment when in the sidebar
  • Fix site-actions dropdown for anonymous
  • Update select2 image widget
  • Update images selection widget
  • Fix events sorting
  • Update modification time when category/type name changes
  • Fix for carousel 'Randomize' setting
  • Update to featured tile configuration
  • Re-add custom publications source for haiku.profiles
  • Updates to publication widget
  • Fix select2 widget pagination for publications section
  • Update selected publications widget styling
  • Add searchable publications source
  • Fix selected publications portlet sorting
  • Migration to the new widget for selected publications portlet
  • Update publications widget for the research group

Haiku 6.3.2

Release date: 14 September 2018


  • Enable the ability for ALL tabs across any Haiku site to be linked to. This update also means that when a user searches for a profile on a tab and then uses the back button in their browser, they will end up in the same place on the same tab that they had already been browsing.


  • Add margin-bottom to lead images
  • Attach tab hash to URL
  • Fix site header colours not being applied
  • Fix for iCal download
  • Fix collapsing / uncollapsing faq items being assigned to multiple categories
  • Update to caching on the forms saved data file
  • Add migration to remove projects numbers from titles
  • New projects view and settings. New settings include new display options and table configurations
  • Add exclude from navigation behavior for the 'Teams' content type

Haiku 6.3.1

Release date: 20 August 2018


  • We will improve the OxTalks integration by developing the functionality for editors to be able to embed collections of talks through the integratio with the Oxford Talks service. We will also improve the usability of the integration by suppling a pick date field, rather than expecting users to provide the correct date and time format. Inline with these changes, we will also look into, and improve upon where we can, the quality of the information that you can display with the OxTalks integration. We will investigate the possiblity of allowing editors to define what information about a talk is shown on their Haiku website.


  • Add the ability to use 'Collections' on the Oxford Talks tile and portlet


  • Fix select box dropdown arrow position
  • Add a check if current domain is configured for purging when calling the PurgeSite function
  • Move 'Lead/intro' text to be above lead image, rather than underneath
  • Add "haiku.shibboleth" to supported Haiku add-ons list
  • Block secondary portlets on cover pages
  • Update to OxTalks to use the latest endpoint, and update to search hint field
  • Remove nav class for primary categories portlet
  • Remove nav class for secondary categories portlet


  • Refactor the add from cloud search page, and added some search hints and tips
  • Don't patch manually selected profiles in the our team portlet as they are not shared
  • List allowed content types in the context under the cloud content search form
  • Redirect <obj>/@@cloud-search to <parent>/@@cloud-search if obj is selected as default page for the parent object
  • Refactor update-all-remote-content view
  • Fix disabled cloud search form due to wrong constraintypes check

Haiku 6.3.0

Release date: 16 August 2018


  • Add transformation for displaying the "Path field" in cover tiles
  • Fix arrow directions on accordion nav portlets
  • Fix site creation, broken by the wrong context for the setup handler
  • Refactor getting images for tiles
  • Import local sharing roles code from the turnkey package to the haiku.core package - cleaning
  • Fix for tile icons
  • Make the unit portal type collectable by Haiku
  • Make the document portal type collectable by Haiku
  • Make the profile portal type collectable by Haiku
  • Make the project portal type collectable by Haiku
  • Make the team portal type collectable by Haiku
  • Fix for adding profile (with no image) link to TinyMCE
  • Add the number of publications visibility field
  • Add libraries access permission
  • Fix broken collection search when combining all content types filter with sorting by position in the parent as well as allow filtering by state "new"
  • Hide description for cover view