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Releases that have been launched are detailed here. Click on an individual release to view a list of what the release includes.

Haiku 5.1.3

Release date: 22 January 2018


  • Add scss-lint to haiku.bootstrap scss files. This update adds a task which will check all SCSS files for inconsistencies and errors
  • Add 'Exclude from navigation' option to 'Link' content type
  • Allow carousel tile on research group cover pages


  • Improve row/column styling for cover pages
  • Adjust font sizes for site-wide consistency
  • Increase body/html font size
  • Respect static categories filter for the news item listings
  • Improved styling for tabbed additional content
  • Fix for add/replace type form
  • Exclude taxonomy categories from site wide search
  • Integrate captcha with form generator
  • Reorder jQuery UI to fix cover page JS error in compose mode


  • Remove content search by author
  • Transform remote to local images for cloned item
  • Transform internal links to absolute when cloning/updating clone content
  • Add API for cloud functionality
  • Hide unsupported fields from the subscriber's edit form
  • Extend subscriber's edit form with 'Exclude from navigation' and 'Hide the title' fields
  • Rewritten custom edit form for subscribers to standalone z3c.form allowing users to categorise subscribers
  • Implement initial custom form for subscribed content - update from cloud actions etc.
  • Help text updates
  • Improvement to markup for the cloud content search form
  • Fix broken clone update action
  • Added permissions for guarding content pulling and subscribing actions
  • Fix to ensure only addable content types are searchable in the context of the cloud usage
  • Disallow publications content type from being pulled
  • Update to profile content type syncing function
  • Show info message and log an error if content's history can't be retrieved from the cloud
  • Hide 'Edit' action fro cloud subscribers

Haiku 5.1.2

Release date: 10 January 2018


  • We will allow the sharing of certain content between Haiku sites. Initially, we will allow editors to share News, Events, Research Groups and Themes, as well as Profiles. We will need to refactor the way that profiles are currently shared between the websites, but this will not have any effect on any currently shared profiles. In doing the refactoring, we will change the way in which these items of content are stored within each website, and enable it for other items of content at the same time. The new implementation of storage will enable a website editor to search through content on other Haiku sites that have opted to share their content through the Haiku connecter. An editor will be able to search through a site specifically for an item of content that they wish to reuse with a content picker. Editors will be able to add remote content in a similar way to adding a local page to their website. This will allow a tree like search through the available content types. An editor will also be able to see a list of recently added content in the available content types. The Editor will be able to use text search and tag filtering to easily find the specific content that they wish to reuse. When adding an item of remote content, editors will have two options, one; to simply add the item of content into their website and keep it in sync with the original item, this would update daily to keep the content inline with the original content. Two, if an editor would like to take an item of content and then manipulate it in anyway, they will be bale to pull the content into their website, and save a local copy that then unlocks the item of content and makes it editable. All content drawn into a website will take on the look and feel of the host website, even if left in sync.


  • Provide the ability to define the ratio of the images on a research section landing page.


  • Fix profile alignment for 'Projects' content type
  • General improvements for the sitemap functionality and design
  • Update to site customisations panel and permissions
  • Fix for links in carousel not displaying


  • Fix for broken content extraction with annotations containing empty dictation

Haiku 5.1.1

Release date: 8 January 2018

Haiku Bugs/Fixes

  • Extend portrait creation error logging when importing profiles
  • Fix 'Read-only' error on cover pages

Haiku 5.1.0

Release date: 5 January 2018

New minor features/Updates

  • Implement 'Manage behaviours' functionality. When you select the behaviour for a section, it will update the available content types and display options.
  • Add captcha field for forms. This can now be used to prevent spam on the forms created on a Haiku website.
  • Provide ability to link to cover pages from the rich text editor when creating internal links.
  • Provide the function to hide images that are dragged and dropped onto the featured tile.
  • Implement ability for 'Link' content type to be added to carousels. This allows editors to create a slide that is not drawn directly from items of content, this also provides the ability to link to external link.
  • Add functionality to add media to 'Link' content type.
  • Added functionality to show images next to 'Link' content type items in listings.
  • Added functionality to be able to format text with 'Justified' option.
  • Added the ability to add 'Web page' content type to 'News item' content type for using the 'Additional content' functionality. 

Haiku Bugs/fixes

  • Add Flexbox fix for headings in TinyMCE
  • Make anchors bold in latest publications tile
  • Fix for clearing 'Key publications' tile on profiles in Internet Explorer
  • Make text in portlets/tiles with borders both sides show justified
  • Fix return property in jquery plugin
  • Add the file path to the header of generated files
  • Fix for error when replacing a category in the taxonomy
  • Cleaning old image scales
  • Refactor column/row styling
  • Cleaning to remove old homepage implementation
  • Fix for alignment of images
  • Install haiku.notifications package by default
  • Add support for importing profiles in JSON format
  • Add support for external portraits on profiles JSON import
  • Fix for definable publications limit before pagination begins
  • Fix for navigation unpublished links
  • Fix for 'Next course' session portlet
  • Fix for section default view handling

Haicloud Bugs/Fixes

  • Fix inconsistency in sending requests to the cloud during content deletion and other bulk content operations
  • Always send the content path in the data that is pushed to the cloud
  • Update to logging for deleted and cancellation of deleting items of content

Haiku 5.0.5

Release date: 22 November 2017

New features

Haicloud backend:

In this release, we have deployed the first steps to enabling the Haicloud for all Haiku websites. You will not notice any difference, or new functionality on your website with this part of the release, but it is an important and exciting step to providing this functionality.



  • Update to 'Smart embed' functionality in the rich text area to validate inserted iFrames. The validation will warn users if they have put in an invalid iFrame.
  • Fix for headings in rich text areas overlapping blockquotes. 
  • Fix for sort order of manually added publications. In some instances publications that were added manually to a Haiku website, and had a publishing date set, were listing in the wrong order. 
  • Fix for publications plain listing page in new publications section release.
  • Fix for drop down navigation. Previously, even if a short name was supplied for an item of content, the drop down navigation was still using the full title of the page.
  • Fix for edit modal when editing items in the files library.
  • Fix for team listing pages sort ordering with multiple surnames.
  • Small improvemement update to Google Analytics tracking code implementation.
  • Fix for images of a certain scale on the carousel tile of newly deployed sites.
  • Fix for news tile on cover pages - some images displaying description text rather than thumbnail.
  • Update to make images linkable from the rich text editor.
  • Fix for categorisation of remote content when being added to a site for the first time.
  • Fix section icon size on image library modal.

Haiku 5.0.4

Release date: 3 November 2017

New minor features

'Go to top' button:

To improve the accessibility of all Haiku websites, we have added the functionlity of a 'Go to top' button on all Haiku websites. The 'Go to top' button will show to a user once they have scrolled down the page far engough to make good use of a 'Go to top' button. This functionality improves the accessibility of a Haiku website, and you will see it appear in the bottom right corner of any Haiku page.

Taxonomy update:

Due to deprecation of a certain type of selection widget, specifically the widget that we have previously used for the taxonomy library, we have had to change the way in which the taxonomy library now works. Overall the taxonomy works in a very similar way, but there is now a new quick edit form available to editors who want to add, edit or remove any categories from the system. The other change that this has come with, is where the categories are added to a content type. Rather than using the categories within the edit form on the 'Default' edit tab of an item of content, editors will now need to use the 'Categorization' tab. The documentation for the updated taxonomy library functionality can be found here.



  • Update to default Site Administrator profile - fix permissions for the managing features option.
  • Fix for broken profile's publications sync if the Symplectic feed returns errors and purge site's cache after publications sync to ensure all users are seeing the latest content.
  • Add new scale for images when used in the rich text editor. New scale is 'w480'.
  • Provide setting to allow different image ratios on research section listings.
  • Fix to remove duplicated cover page add -on.
  • Fix for spacing of news tile when not using images.
  • Use the short title of an item of content as the default value for subtabs in drop down navigation.
  • Update to cache purging to ensure purge is only triggered when necessary.
  • Update to 'Smart Embed functionality' to allow wider use of embeddable content.
  • Update to breadcrumbs to make the 'Home' icon clickable for the return to home fucntion.
  • Fix for design and alignment on call to action arrow buttons.



Haiku 5.0.3

Release date: 24 October 2017

New minor features/improvements


Registration of all available portlets for use in both primary and secondary portlet template. The registration of all portlets for use in the primary and secondary location will allow users to use a wider vareity of portlets when using a template with a 3 column display.

Media behaviour for cover pages

Previously, you were not able to use the 'Media' tab on cover pages or sections. We have now allowed this functionality on these content types. The reason for this is that it now means these items of content can be used in listings, and have an image associated with them, to ensure consistency across a Haiku website.

Improve search functionality

We have made an update to the Haiku site search engine. The update ensures that all links (internal or external), which are created using the 'Link' content type, and hyperlinks within the rich text area are indexed and searchable. If a search term finds a link within a page the page will be listed in the search results.

Vimeo video thumbnail generation

Previously, when you embed a Vimeo video in the lead media of an item of content, the Haiku system would not automatically use the thumbnail for the video in listings. We have made an update to the system that ensures it the URL of the Vimeo video is used to embed it, we will be able to utilise the thumbnail of the video in content listings. 


  • Fix in standard buildout for pre-created research section view template.
  • Fix 'Manage features' action protected by non-existing permission.
  • Update to spacing on team tile - reduced white space where not required.
  • Fix to remove 'Events listing' from showing in all display menus.
  • Fix to enable 'Site setup' dropdown from site dashboard.
  • Fix for 'Latest news' portlet, to not show summary text.
  • Update to remove overized 'Read more' button from the projects portlet and tile listing.
  • Update to 'Cover pages' configuration.
  • Fix for last name filter on team section.

Haiku 5.0.2

Release date: 10 October 2017



    We will develop the functionality that will allow an editor to add more information into a range of content types, that can then be displayed in tabs on the page. We will develop the functionality that will allow the editor to be able to define where on the page, the fields of the extra content are displayed. This will allow the editor flexibility within constraint, to ensure they can present the information how they wish, but within the design schema of the site.

New minor features/improvements

Single profile publications synchronisation

We have developed the functionality that allows Site Administrators to call a publications sync on an individual profile basis. This ensures that should there be a time critical publication, a Site Administrator is able to use the Ad-Hoc publications sync. This functionality can be called from the 'Actions' menu of a profile page.


  • Fix for 'Recent publications' portlet and tile to ensure 'Forthcoming' publications are not shown by default.
  • Fix to ensure 'Haiku' configlet is availlable to all Site Administrators.
  • Update to show lead images on 'Cover page' content type
  • Add icon for 'Projects' content type.
  • Fix for image alingment (inline/right/left/center) on cover pages.
  • Fix to remove border from OxPodcast iFrames.
  • Fix for cursor on 'Simple gallery' table, to ensure user can see '+' icon and be aware that they can see the full size image by clicking on it.

Haiku 5.0.1

Release date: 24 September 2017


  • Update to Symplectic sync to ensure that the sync is run for all profiles on a Haiku website, rather than only profiles in one specific section.
  • Remove 'Force update' button for all publications at once. This is due to how heavy the task is, and the effect it can have on a Haiku website.
  • Fix to ensure users who can only endit their profile do not see a space saving edit bar at the top of the page.
  • Fix to behaviour for 'More' dropdown menu.
  • Fix for image selection widget.
  • Update to cache purging settings.
  • Fix for content type restrictions view.
  • Fix for typekit font loading process
  • Added styling for project team portlet.

Haiku 5.0

Release date: 4 September 2017


  • Update to field naming in site footer configlet.
  • Permissions update to allow contributors to create new cover pages - related to page copy and pasting.
  • Update to spacing on list tile.
  • Update to Haiku control panel.
  • Add website URL to masked fields when they are too long.
  • Update to Java browser dependencies