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Releases that have been launched are detailed here. Click on an individual release to view a list of what the release includes.

Haiku 6.2.0

Release date: 3 August 2018


  • Remove 'cover-content' class
  • Add title and description to image in pop up
  • Make all cover pages fluid full width by default
  • Add rules for publications 'select2' widget
  • Install image_hash index
  • Fix referencing portraits from TinyMCE
  • Hide portraits section in manage features form
  • Add support for Twitter timeline links
  • Show dropzone in images subsections only if anything is addable
  • Fix for tiles relations
  • Fix for portraits migration
  • Stop copying image portraits to the image gallery
  • Fix for broken publications sync for individual profiles
  • Add portraits listing view
  • Add the total number of publications display option in the view tab
  • Make the hide_title default value customizable
  • Add support for the Altmetric score in the research group's selected publications portlet
  • Disallow white spaces and catalogue indexes in object ids
  • Fix broken action for migrating webpages to sections
  • Fix short title indexer
  • Fix for link creator in the RichText editor


  • Fix broken research group view when content is subscribed due to the Altmetric badge

Haiku 6.1.1

Release date: 5 July 2018


  • Make logos clickable on mobile devices
  • Improve external URL validator to accept numerical subdomains and internal URL validator to accept "../.." patterns to target parent containers

Haiku 6.1.0

Release date: 2 July 2018


  • Update for Symplectic sync to only update publications that have an actual change in their information since the last sync happened
  • Store the last Symplectic sync date in the configuration registry
  • Allo users to create just a button using a featured tile. Remove all other fields from being mandatory
  • Allow all editors with permission to access forms to download the 'Saved data' file


  • Abort pushing content to the cloud if it has an empty path and reports the context info via email to haiku support

Haiku 6.0.9

Release date: 26 June 2018


  • Add collective.cookielaw to the supported add-ons
  • Improving test coverage
  • Add loading indicator in media widget for lead images
  • Fix for the 'Site Actions' dropdown and styles
  • Add clearfix to before-page-body content
  • Remove margin-bottom for page-header inside a hero container
  • Fix google embed source for iframes
  • Style tabs for mobile devices
  • Place footer links on own lines on mobile
  • Rearrange menu row columns in markup
  • Show primary portlets on the left on FAQ listings
  • Fix profile_username migration

Haiku 6.0.8

Release date: 20 June 2018


  • Fix for carousel errors


  • Force cloud API call's response to be JSON type
  • Extract RelationList schema fields as a list of stringified UUIDs

Haiku 6.0.7

Release date: 14 June 2018


  • The release of flash notifications for Site Administrators


  • Add single image popup
  • Add 'image-modal' styles
  • Update 'frontwerk' to 2.1.0
  • Rename 'Default' tab to 'Content' on all content types on their edit form
  • Add 'Key publications' instant search when adding them to a profile, portlet or page
  • Fix for login URLs. Now when you log in to a website you will be taken to the page you were on when you clicked the 'Log in' button, rather than being offered to visit the homepage
  • Make the images from featured, banner and carousel references to images from the images library
  • Fix for content emptying featured tiles when dragging an image over them
  • Allow any item with listing image on the carousel
  • Add migration for broken profile connections
  • Remove inline cursor style for image-modal
  • Fix searching for internal groups when syncing remote profile
  • Update internal links in rich text on remote items
  • Remove telephone extension from team listing view
  • Extend available profile information for listings
  • Override TinyMCE config to allow any attributes for iframe
  • Remove obsolete 'synced' state from the turnkey_content workflow and publish content in the removed states in advance
  • Don't show current event in the "Upcoming courses" or "Upcoming events" portlet
  • Add markup for manually uploaded publications

Haiku 6.0.6

Release date: 30 May 2018


  • Release commenting/discussion package


  • Fix for filtering out items that are excluded from the navigation on listings
  • Assign the new haiku image provider behaviour to the 'turnkeyimage' and 'publication' content types
  • Adjust column sizes for responsiveness on small devices
  • Change categories query operator from or to and in the similar stories portlet
  • Update 'frontwerk' to 1.2.0
  • Fix blockquote author styles for cover tiles
  • Add tile header backgrounds for cover pages to match portlet headers
  • Update CSS/JS resources
  • Add text alignment for tile footer buttons
  • Fix table-layout fixed for IE11
  • Add modal view for events
  • Update files listing menu items
  • Update taxonomy categories view
  • Override image ration in carousel when listing a publication
  • Make profile section listing query more flexible
  • Clean unused fields from team section
  • Update profiles searching


  • Fix for UID field in the cloud interface to enable better debugging

Haiku 6.0.5

Release date: 1 May 2018


  • We will develop the functionality that will allow editors to define on a per team/people section basis, which fields from the individual profiles will show on the team/people landing page. We will give the ability for editors to select from multiple fields, and also provide the functionality to change the order in which these fields display on the landing page.


  • Adust paragraph text styles on table galleries
  • Align 'tile-footer' in cover pages
  • Remove keyword search cover page tile
  • Add JSON support for calendar view

Haiku 6.0.4

Release date: 26 April 2018


  • Upgrade 'frontwerk' to 1.1.0
  • Remove obsolete JS libraries used for old profiles
  • Make all tables layout fixes in non-flexbox browsers
  • Remove old profile styles and scripts
  • Raise 404 page if cloud images view is called without the required parameters
  • Customise RSS feed item for events
  • Clean image scales
  • Update to research, news, events section layouts - respect image ratio
  • Update image scales for list tile
  • Improve logging for test sites
  • Update for TinyMCE link shortcuts
  • Added 'text-decoration' to HTML filters allowed types
  • Fix for taxonomy update when importing profiles
  • Guard 'Sync publications' action for profiles by 'Site administrator' permission
  • Fix links formatting

Haiku 6.0.3

Release date: 17 April 2018


  • Update to content type icons
  • Fix for error when the source is missing in links tile on profiles
  • Fix issue when publications limit is set to 0 on publications tile
  • Add support for subscribed research group's team portlet images with new haiku.profiles